This is the identification form for all of your Own Choice entries. 

This form MUST be attached to the front of all own choice selections.

(Refer to Conditions of Entry Clause 7.4)

Own Choice Forms



If you have entered online there is no need to complete the APRA AMCOS Performer’s Declaration (your agreement to the Performer’s Declaration is a condition of your online entry).


Please select the appropriate form/s then click on the link to download it.


2. Temporary Copy for Use by an Adjudicator

This is the form you fill out if the adjudicator of your eisteddfod or competition requires a photocopy of your music to follow along with while you play. You are permitted to make one photocopy for each adjudicator (and no more than one per adjudicator) and you need to attach this form to every copy. The organisers are not permitted to give copies back to you and must destroy them once your section is finished.

Gympie EisteddfodAPRA AMCOS Temporary Copy for use by Adjudicator



3. Temporary Copy for the Use by an Accompanist

If you need to make a copy for your accompanist in an eisteddfod or competition, you are permitted to do so as long as you fill in this form and attach it to the music for the performance. The accompanist must give this form back to the competitor at the conclusion of their section and be destroyed immediately by them.

Gympie EisteddfodAPRA AMCOS Temporary Copy for use by an Accompanist